My work is inspired by a lifelong love and fascination with the meaning and awesome beauty of God's creation. Its colors textures and designs are a continual motivation.

Living in a peaceful, lakeside woods and being continually close to nature for many years, I consider it an exceptional opportunity to witness many awesome and spirit-lifting events that happen in nature. I enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the contour of the landscape, its natural beauty roads, lakes and the variety of trees, plants, animals and birds. I feel blessed to be able to look up and see the giant trees move with the breeze as the colors change from season to season, each with their distinctive shapes, colors, and designs. I thank God for the precious gift to be able to view awesome sunrises and sunsets, to be able to witness His creation and be so inspired. It brings me a special peace that most of us need in our lives. This is the feeling I want to share with the viewer: to be able to feel the peace and wonderment that the gifts of nature can bring and be able to capture a moment as an inspiring scene and share it.

I enjoy working and teaching from my studio and spend much time plein air painting. I enjoy working most with pastels but also exploring watercolor, acrylic, oil, and pen and ink. Exploring each medium for the variety of effects they bring to the paper or canvas. It's a continual journey to learn, experience and enjoy the gifts we are given and made aware of and can bring to our art and each other. An inspired new painting is a creation waiting to happen with its challenges, excitement and tremendous rewards.



"The Artist must be the medium through which humanity expresses itself" - Romare Bearden

"All true art must help the soul to realize its inner self."   Gandhi